Have you ever wondered beauties of the underwater?

  Deep Dive Diving Center invites everyone to "Try Scuba" SSI programmes for who wants to see the magic of the underwater and discover another world.

  Scuba diving is very enjoyable at Mediterranean, our scuba diving activities  are orgazine 4 seasons by the number of diver.

  Try Scuba Diving program introduces scuba diving and gives experience to you. Also brings the experience of breathing underwater and Try Scuba Diving program is a great way to decide whether getting a scuba diving certification is right for you.

  Please contact us for booking and registration...

Tel: 0533 851 72 09 - 0533 879 68 01

E-mail: info@deepdivingkktc.com

  You will be trained in the skills, knowledge, equipment and experience required to feel safe and confident during your open water dives, as well as have an Instructor as your escort to guide you. Certified Scuba Divers are entitled to go diving under the direct supervision of a Dive Leader up to a maximum depth of 12 metres.

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