Deep Diving only offer’s PADI Courses. Over 75% of divers learn with PADI

PADI Programmes

Discover Scuba Diving £40
Open Water Diver £250
Advance Open Water Diver £200
Emergency First £100
Response £300
Rescue Diver Please Ask Office
Master Scuba Diver Please Ask Office
Dive Master Please Ask Office

PADI Speciality Programmes

Deep Diver £200
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) £150 (Nitrox included)
Boat Diver £50 (Dives not included)
Night Diver £50 (Dives not included)
Wreck Diver £300 (Zenobia not included)
Drift Diver £100
Oxygen 1st Aid £50
Equipment Specialist £50

  We offer daily dives which can be pre-arranged or booked on the same day. All our local dives are a maximum of 10 minutes boat ride away from our school. Even though we only offer PADI Courses we accept divers from all training organisations. Our Special Diving trips vary in duration with some being only half day and others being a whole day.

Daily Local Dive £20
Night Local Dive £40
Bogaz Trip £60
Kyrenia Trip £80
Cape Greco Trip £80
Zenobia Trip £100
Karpaz Trip £100

 Nitrox is available to any diver qualified in the use of Enriched Air. The price of Nitrox will be determined by the mix that the Divers ask for.  Technical Diving is also available to Divers with Technical Diving Training.


Not: All prices shown are all inclusive. All equipment is included as well as transportation costs.
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